When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Home Security System?

There is no need to go into the details of why you need a functional and reliable home security system. The question for most home owners is not whether they need a home security system. It is more a question of whether it is time to upgrade the existing system. If this is an issue you are struggling with, there are a few sure signs that indicate it is time to get a new system.

Haven’t Upgraded in More Than 15 Years

Most homeowners perceive an alarm system as a one-time investment. You splurge on the best system on the market at the time and forget about out. Just like you replace home appliances, you need to upgrade your security every few years. In fact, if your existing company hasn’t been in touch with you about upgrading, you may need to change your company entirely. New technology includes home security systems with features and functions that you cannot get from your old system.

You Have an ‘Alarm System’

There is a big difference between alarms system and full-on home security systems. Most alarm system simply alerts you if there is a fire or a bugler. Newer systems are much more sophisticated and have a wide range of features including locking doors remotely and monitoring indoor activity on your device even when away from home. Todays burglars are much more sophisticated so you need to keep up if you want to keep your family and property safe.

Old security system relied on landlines and wires to function. These were as unsophisticated as the intruders were then because alarm systems were new and seemed complex. Today however, these systems are to circumvent, override, manipulate or simply cut the wires and rendered useless. A wireless home security system is virtually impenetrable. You can guarantee your home’s safety even from the most sophisticated burglar if you choose a high-grade and technologically advanced system.

You Have a 2G Alarm System

You may have invested in a top-of- the-line home security system a decade ago or so but the bad news is that the system will soon be obsolete. New cell towers (which the alarm system relies on to function) are now equipped with 3G, 4G and even 5G technology. Very soon your alarm system will not be supported by existing cell towers and therefore completely useless.

These are just some of the signs that you need to look into new home security systems. If you set a good budget for your system, you won’t have to upgrade for many years to come. Home security is one of the areas where you can’t afford to be cheap if you want comprehensive protection.

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