Expert Tips on the Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

Now that you have woken up to the importance of having cameras as part of your security system, you need to know where to install them. Today’s sophisticated intruder makes it his business to find blind spots and security breaches. If you are not careful, even the most expensive and sophisticated indoor or outdoor camera may not be enough to protect your home. There are a few strategic areas in and around the home where you should install your cameras.

Front Door

The front door is most susceptible to a breach by an intruder. About 34-percent of home invaders use the front door. You should ensure that your front door is well covered with an outdoor camera. Consider hiding the camera in the home’s eve or out of reach from ground level such as on the second floor. This action helps to prevent a burglar physically breaking the camera.

Back Door

Another common entry way for burglars is the back door. This includes the side doors if you have any. The point is to ensure that each door to your home is armed with a camera. Again, try to keep the camera out of sight or out of reach. A night vision and weatherproof camera is highly recommended in this case.

Side or Back Yard Gate

It’s not just the interior of your home that is at risk from invasion. If you have valuables such as children
toys, recreational equipment or gardening tools and machinery, you need a security camera in your back yard. The camera should be specifically trained at the entrance with a wide view of the yard. You can get away with a visible camera here because most intruders won’t consider your home an easy target if they can see the camera.

Off-Street Windows

Burglars often prefer windows that do not have a clear view from the street. An indoor camera with a view of off-street windows is highly recommended in this case. Ensure that the camera cannot be viewed from the street. You should be able to catch the burglar in action and if he spots it, he will most likely abort his

Outdoor and indoor cameras are great security features for your home. They should however be integrated to a wider and high-tech home security system for the best effect. It also helps if you can view activity inside or outside the home from your hand held device remotely.

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